This is where you can submit photos, biographies, and the names of women who were influential to our sport.

What’s is the procedure?

Simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page, attach the photographs and write the biography.

Can I write my own biography?

Absolutely! That is preferred procedure. If the biography is about a historic person or someone who has passed, then a spouse, close friend or knowledgeable historian can write the biography. You can surely suggest people to include, but anything written about a living jumper must be approved by that person before we will publish.

What about the photos?

We ask that you include three(3) high quality pictures along with the bio, more are certainly welcome. The only serious concern is that the photographer name is included, if known, and that no “rights” violations are encountered.
***No even mildly pornographic photos will be allowed.***

How long does this take?

We will review the package as soon as we receive it. The editing process could take two(2) weeks. The final draft will be sent back for your approval; after your okay or after further correction are completed, the biography and photographs will appear in the “portfolio” section.

Biography Submission Form