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The Ladies of Skydiving website and its associated domain names (ladies/women/girls ofskydiving/ofparachuting etc. are up for renewal again. has been active for four years and has always been self-funded. I am not asking for help, for “the joy is in the struggle”. I am hoping that others may want to share the joy.
If 1% of my FB friends give one dollar, I can renew one domain for one year. If twenty friends give $20.00, I can cover all web costs for a year. If everyone who ever “liked” any of my posts gave a dime, I could probably hang out in Key West on Hemingway’s barstool.
Again, I want to be clear, there are many other causes more worthy of “a gift of charity” including the International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame, which is vital to our sport and is expected to break ground this year–finally.
So to wrap up my pitch, go to and review all the pages. The “Middle Years” is still a work in progress but is very good, ” Today’s Champions ” is far from even getting started but is progressing well, The Early years and Women Warriors are nearly complete; some great reading, resulting from hours of joy.
Are you still here? If so ask yourself: What do I get for helping, besides “joy”? Anyone who gives $20.00 or more will receive a personalized first edition of the first volume of the five part series Ladies of Parachuting -A Comprehensive History, which I will bring to Deland for the 2020 ISM&HoF event.
How can you help? There is a link at the bottom of each page; I know that it works, Thanks Diane. Also you can reach me by mail at Skydive Perris until March 8th.